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I get you, my brother. You are feeling a frustrated, angry, lost, alone and that society does not value you as a man. You are not alone. Your father perhaps was not around or never taught you the right lessons of manhood that you needed, and now you are like a rudderless ship moving through a dark ocean of man hate everywhere you turn. I am here to tell you, my friend, that you are NOT alone.

But how did we get here?


Over the last 50 years in America, women who chose to be "stay at home" mothers were more and more vilified. This denigration of female values, clear gender roles/responsibilities, and the strength of mothers began a new era in undervalued true feminine qualities. Then, after the onslaught of divorce during the ’80s, (the highest rates in history) young girls and boys started to see their stay at home mothers destroyed by a broken marriage, awful absent husbands and as kids, grew up with a lack of fatherly guidance. On top of these factors, women were forced to enter the workforce in huge numbers. While some were strong career-minded women, many strong women who loved being a mother, like my own mom, were resentful toward being forced out of the role of mother, and into the role of worker.

By the 1990’s many of the young men and women mentioned above had become adults, but still were living in deeply dysfunctional mindsets because they largely grew up without a father to give guidance. By the mid-1990’s a real resentment of men, male values, and masculinity became more and more prevalent and hated. Why? Because men represented, in their triggered minds, a father that left them behind.

Because there were so many angered and poorly treated children of that era, who had no guidance to define and manage their deeply ingrained past triggers for emotional agnst, the fourth and fifth wave feminism movements began. These hate filled initiatives disguised as a "girl power movement" or “quality for all” really had one goal, to eradicate masculinity of the past and to move toward a future of androgyny, a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, usually used to describe characters or people who have no specific gender. In other words, to rid the world of real men and replace them with man-children who could be easily controlled by weak women. Meanwhile strong women were abandoned and became more conservative, quiet and fears retribution of the other women.


So now you can start to see why you are feeling like you do.

Because of mostly female taught classrooms (nearly 70%), female-run human resource departments, and toxic weak women with a vendetta who want to gain dominance over men, our society is in a crisis of terrifying proportions. 

While weak females and the men who fear them are spouting lies of “Toxic Masculinity,” “Mansplaining” and messages of hate toward strong men, powerful and strong women, who genuinely want strong men, are silenced.

Why did men lose their manhood?

Fear combined with a lack of guidance is the simplest way to describe our current problem for men like you and me who only want to be strong, confident and respected. We see how evil and insecure women destroy strong men in politics, corporations and in the home. We see or have felt how angry bitter divorced women take our money, and kids in a court system that most always favors women. Our anger grows as we feel less and less real leadership at work because men are being told to “calm down”, “be nice” and in general are guided to over customizing every aspect of themselves to cater to the complainers and whiners so those people “feel happy".

And believe me, I have been impacted too. After the death of my grandfather early in my life, the brutal murder of my grandmother, and my parent's deeply painful divorce, I too was forced to navigate the mess of a society lost. It took me two failed marriages with the wrong women to realize that the past had altered me as a man also. Only after I did the things I am teaching you in this membership site did I build great companies, become an even better father and finally married the strong woman I deserved. It took work to get here, and I had to reach to the many influential men in my life for guidance. Now you get the benefit of the same learning I have taught to many men like you in one-on-one coaching settings.


It’s no wonder you are feeling frustrated, angry, lost and alone. Instead of valuing you for the strong masculine man you are or can become, some in society want you to soften yourself so that you are easily controlled. Instead of equality, weak people want superiority over you, a real man.

But that is all about to change for you.

This membership you are about to join is dedicated to one thing, your manhood. In business and life, we need learning to become all were meant to be and now I have given up all my other businesses to dedicate myself to you and this learning 100%.

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Remember men, we are born into strength. Nature is always a balance of the masculine and feminine without apology. You no longer need to apologize for your desire to become the man you always imagined.

You are not alone my brother. I and the other members of #LookUpMen will support your journey.


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